Incorporation Services & Fees
Advantages of a Delaware Company
Establish a Corporate Identity: Incorporating your business means you are serious about the business you are doing. It adds substance to your product, service or venture. It communicates stability, authority and professionalism.

Protect Your Personal Assets: Incorporating your business separates your corporate assets from your personal assets so your personal assets are not at risk. By incorporating, you normally shield any assets that are not part of the business, such as your home, car, personal bank account, etc.

Take advantage of Tax Savings: Avoid double taxation by incorporating your business venture. One of the most useful steps the owner of a small business can take is to establish a Subchapter S corporation. By doing this he can avoid the double taxation that occurs when corporate income is subjected first to federal income tax, and then taxed again as personal income when it is returned to shareholders in the form of dividends.

Incorporation Fees (Standard Fee for a Corporation or LLC): $250.00

  • Name Search
  • 24hr Expedited Service
  • Certification of Incorporation
There is an additional fee of $75 for name reservation as a result of new Delaware regulations

Annual Services: $300.00
  • Annual Registered Agent Fee: $150.00
  • Annual Mail Forwarding Fee: $150.00
The minimum tax due on a Delaware corporation is $75.00.
The tax for Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
and Partnerships/General Partnerships is $250.00.

We normally set up your corporations with the minimum number of shares (without par value) required to qualify for the lowest incorporating fees and the lowest franchise rates. We will include the standard unless you declare otherwise.

Incorporation Complementary Services
DE State Expedited Filing Fees:
  • Priority 1hr. Service: $1000.00
  • Priority 2hr. Service: $500.00
  • Same Day Service: $200.00
  • 24hr. Service: $100.00 (Add additional $50.00 for handling and express mail)
Certified Copy: $30.00
Corporate Kit: $100.00 (Includes minute book with printed minutes, stock certificates, and a corporate seal)
Application for Federal Taxpayer I.D.: $35.00
Application for Federal Sub-Chapter "S" Election: $35.00

Office Services
Annual Common Telephone Line: $200.00
Annual Private Delaware Telephone Line: $400.00
Office Space: $500.00

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